Monday, February 14, 2011

Ashita no Joe 2 - 02

Second episode of AnJ2. As previously stated, this will be our new weekly series.

Ashita no Joe 2 - 02 DDL
Ashita no Joe 2 - 02 Torrent

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. And how can we enjoy this without the first season?
    Hope you can do it first.

  2. Being a whole new series itself, they give you enough information to understand what happened.

  3. hooray! please do the original once you finish this

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  5. Good job
    i was waiting for a fansubs to do this

    I really admire what you do and I'll keep daily visit this site

    (about the old site, you should put something in it so people know that there is a new site because I didn't know about it at all and I was checking the old site and asking my self what happened to them lol then i google "takare fansubs" so I can know what's going on and here I am ^^)

    keep the good work plz

  6. I didn't know people actually used the 0sites URL, I'll do a redirect on it too. Thanks for letting me know.