Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ashita no Joe 2 - 03

Here we go with a new Joe!

Ashita no Joe 2 - 03 DDL
Ashita no Joe 2 - 03 Torrent

Sometime next week I plan to work on the translation of the next episode Homeless Child Remy since it'll be reading week at my college which I never go to. lol So keep a lookout for that.


  1. Thnx Takara Team for your hard work

    I'm waiting for the torrent

    btw why don't you upload your work to Mediafire or anything else

    I mean to upload your work to couple uploading site

    again, gj and thnx

  2. Such a damn shame AnJ1 never got released on DVD in France, eh?

  3. Sultan: with a free account you can only upload files < 200 MB to MediaFire, which would mean splitting the eps. All extra work.
    Shippothekit has trouble enough uploading to MU and will likely not want to spend more time on such issues, but torrents are provided as an alternative.
    And it seems you've got things in hand...

  4. ^
    Yup you are right
    I also forgot about Mediafire only allowing 100mb files
    thnx for your answer
    torrent is more then enough