Saturday, March 5, 2011

Romeo's Blue Skies 09 & Homeless Child Remy 03

Be amazed! A new Remy out and another Romeo!

Romeo's Blue Skies 09 DDL
Romeo's Blue Skies 09 Torrent

Homeless Child Remy 03 DDL
Homeless Child Remy 03 Torrent

Just to let you know, not next week but the week after, we have March break. Thanks to a student petition earlier in the school year we now have the week off, so I'm gonna aim to get another Remy translated then.


  1. You really shouldn't tempt people like this. Poor RyviusX is only just recovering from his mind exploding...

  2. [still recovering] Haha...

    Anyways, I guess I could say this in the comments box but I'll just say it here, once again thanks for the subs on Treasure Island. Just finished that one up myself today and it was an absolute blast. All we have left is Aim for the Ace! for older Dezaki shows I think? Luckily another group has it covered! Same with Joe 1.

    And I am seriously really excited for Romeo, Remy, and Joe, all look like A++ shows for sure to me. Remi was amazing so I can't wait to see the alternate girl version. I don't start shows until they're completely subbed, but just know I'm always around and rooting for you guys!