Friday, August 26, 2011

Romeo's Blue Skies 13 + 14

Romeo's Blue Skies 13 DDL
Romeo's Blue Skies 13 Torrent

Romeo's Blue Skies 14 DDL
Romeo's Blue Skies 14 Torrent

So here's a little surprise for those of you awaiting more Romeo. Make sure to say thanks to Rokuro for his hard work!


  1. I feel sorry for Anzelmo (not)...

    And: "kaboom"! ;-)

  2. thanx for the two episodes, seems like you got around those subtitles, they dont appear big anymore

  3. Actually, I used the same subtitle settings and such as with the Remy releases for these eps. I saw several comments in the past about large Romeo subs but haven't looked at it myself to be honest.

  4. the large subtitles where in the last two episodes,11 and 12 i use VLC player and they said the appeared big on that but didnt appear big on MPC i cant get that player to work to save my life, so i made do with my knowledge of Japanese and the Huge subs, LOL thanx for your hard work!