Friday, November 4, 2011

Ashita no Joe 2 - 15


Yes, we're still going. Seems all of us got back into the game around the same time. So, here's the long awaited Joe 15. And for the Remy fans, I'm working on 8 tonight. Hopefully I'll get into the Joe spirit after watching some of Saizen's releases of AnJ.

Smoking kids and the Hayashi's have a SUU-PAH!(Franky ref) stylish phone. :P

Ashita no Joe 2 - 15 Torrent
Ashita no Joe 2 - 15 DDL

Also, on an unrelated note, I've gotten into the Leijiverse(any fans?), Queen Millennia has me hooked!


  1. About time you got into the Leijiverse... ;-)

  2. Oh haha awesome. I think I suggested Queen Millennia for a potential project for you guys down the road awhile back. I believe it got a release in French, Spanish, German, and maybe even other languages... in the US it was apparently fused with the original Harlock series and is rare as heck, and well it sounds like a Robotech mess anyways. Now I know LE is subbing it, but I think we've gotten ~2 episodes released in the last 4 years or something, so I really think it'd be awesome if you guys really considered it... heh. It might very well be my favorite Leiji series, it's more fantasy like GE999, but seems a bit darker.

    Anyways Shipp if you haven't I highly recommend the movie version which is subbed. It was excellent on its own right and I think it's fairly stand alone like I hear the GE999 movie is compared to the series (loved that movie too myself). The QM movie has one of the most out of this world OST's I've ever heard as well. Breathtaking stuff. I think I consider that and the GE999 movie my favorite anime movies.

    Anyways hope you guys consider it! And great to see some new releases.

  3. Also a One Piece reference? Haha you guys rock.

  4. Yup, seen the QM movie, though it did feel very rushed compared to the series. I've been watching the cut dub of QM, which is horrible to say the least but its the only thing that's out there right now. I'm starting to watch the series chronologically (as close as I can at least lol) so right now I'm about to start Space Symphony Maetel.