Monday, July 2, 2012

Homeless Child Remy 13

Homeless Child Remy 13 - Torrent
Homeless Child Remy 13 - DDL

Grab those tissues again, mates! This one's a doozy!

Just as a little tidbit, I found it really strange that they changed Garofoli's name to Gaspard, especially since Gaspard is actually the name of one of the Acquin kids' Uncles, the one from the mine.

And finally... We're officially at the halfway point for Remy. Wooo!


  1. Yeah I heard about the Gaspard thing. Garofoli was a much more original name.

    1. If they wanted to change his name, you'd think they'd pick something not from the original novel. Like, way to cause confusion. lol Even I was confused when I heard them say it.

  2. thank god i stumbled across this site.. i've been searching for this anime for a long time.. this anime brings back memories..

    thanks a lot for subbing and uploading.. i really appreciate it dude..

  3. I've finally found this after a long time.. Thanks for doing this! :) If it's ok, can I upload these episodes on YouTube or something like that then put a link on the description of this site of yours so I can help you to have more seeders for your torrents and let your site also have more attention? It would be nice isn't it cause I'm sure many people are still finding this series. But I need first to have your permission for me to do it if it's ok. ;)